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Ode to the Mountains

An ode to my friends, the mountains...

At the beginning of March, I took a little trip to the mountains of Snowdonia, partially because I desperately needed an escape and also because I was keen to log another Quality Mountain Day ahead of my upcoming Mountain Leader Training, which has now since passed. This trip would be dedicated to hiking Cnicht, a mountain that I had been meaning to hike for quite some time...

What an adventure this turned out to be, the above pictures are somewhat deceiving, they don't show the waist deep bog that I fell victim to, my frozen tent, the vicious winds, or the whiteout conditions the next morning, all of which made for that crazy type of fun - the type where you simultaneously question your own sanity and life choices but at the same time end up having the time of your life - I mean, those are the type of adventures that I yearn for after all... Upon returning from the mighty little Cnicht, I felt compelled to write a little ode to the mountains, which I was also keen to share here on my blog, so here it is...

I know, I know, I frequently befriend mountains, I mean, what can I say? First it was Conival, next was the Rhinog, then there was 'Sully' (Suilven) and now Cnicht - I take a selfie standing in front of my new mate, proud as punch - why? Because once you've become acquainted with a mountain, perhaps you have slept on it's shoulder or fallen mercy to it's bog, or maybe the mountain offered you a safe passage in less than favourable conditions, whatever it is - you'll soon realise that the mountains are alive, they have distinct personalities - go and see for yourself! I promise you I'm not just some crazy mountain lady... it's just that some mountains feel like home, like old friends and Cnicht was one of those....

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my little ode to the mountains! As I write this post, I am currently preparing to head up to Scotland (woooohooo!!!) to solo hike and wild camp the East Highland Way (Fort William - Aviemore, around 85 miles)! I will be posting my usual daily live coverage from the trail over on my Instagram stories @Hiker_heather and a blog post detailing my experience will also follow shortly after the trail, to include my itinerary and so forth :) Needless to say, I am OVER THE MOON to be getting back on the trail - it truly cant come soon enough. Speak soon, mates xxx


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