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2024 Gear & Clothing List

My updated gear list for 2024...

Hello, mates! I am excited to bring you this slightly belated, but much anticipated, 2024 gear list! The majority of questions over on my Instagram and also here on my blog relate to my gear and kit and I have had lots of requests for an updated gear list, following my previous Full Gear & Clothing Blog post that I published back in 2022... As you read through this list, you will notice that a fair few of my gear items actually still remain the same, with a few tweaks here and there - whilst I absolutely adore gear and enjoy researching new gear items, I don't actually update my kit that frequently, if I find a piece of gear that works then I will stick with it, rather than always seeking to find a better or lighter alternative as I prefer to try to be mindful with my purchases, rather than adding to the landfill, I also sell some of my used kit and clothing on Vinted in order to raise funds for new gear items :) I also, admittedly, become quite attached to my gear so I guess there is some sentiment attached to a lot of my gear items too, hence those items will probably stay the same for many years to come...


It will come as no surprise to many of you that I will, once again, be sticking with my trusty little mate! I have known no other, this little tent has been with me since the start... I adore this tent so much - we have forged an unbreakable bond during the many nights spent together on the trail... I would most certainly buy this tent again should anything ever happen to it to require replacement... It is the MSR Hubba NX1, here are some of the specs -

  • Weight - 1.12 kg/ 2 lb 7 oz

  • Lightweight, freestanding

  • 3 season

  • Super easy set up and pitch

  • Mesh fabric - 15D nylon micromesh

  • Floor fabric - 30D ripstop nylon

  • Canopy fabric - 20D ripstop nylon

  • Poles - DAC Featherlite NFL

I also, fairly recently, swapped out the standard pegs for some of the MSR Groundhogs which have been an excellent upgrade, although I really cant complain about the standard set which saw me through hundreds of miles on the trail, however, I had lost a few pegs from the original set so decided to try the Groundhogs after hearing such gleaming reviews about them and wondered if they would be more suitable for the likes of the Scottish Highlands... The Groundhogs they weigh in at 83g for the set of 6...

Sleeping Bag

Thermarest Hyperion Sleeping Bag (-11°C)

My sleeping bag also remains the same! :) I am still using the Thermarest Hyperion. The Hyperion is a 900 fill power down and is built to provide a featherlight pack weight whilst also being one of the lightest in its class, without sacrificing the high performance warmth and weighing in at only 570g... Up until recently I had been using this bag in all seasons, however, I have recently found that I am feeling the cold more than I used to do (not entirely sure why - perhaps I am feeling the cold more in my old age?!)...

Exciting news just in as I write this blog, you may have noticed over on my Instagram that I have recently been appointed as brand ambassador for Nikwax!! They are a brand that I have loved and used for many years so I was over the moon when they reached out! They are also, very kindly, arranging for Thermarest to send me a new winter sleeping bag for my upcoming expeditions! The bag that I have chosen to go with is the Parsec -18c...

I went for the warmest Parsec due to me feeling the cold so much of late, whilst it hasn't arrived just as yet, I will be excited to try it for my first expedition of the season which will see me head up to the Highlands in a few weeks time to hike the Affric Kintail Way which I hope to slightly extend to include some of the remote Glen Affric Munros, I will be wild camping the entire way :)

Sleeping Mat

Since I have started to feel the cold a bit more on recent trips, I recently upgraded my sleeping mat to the Nemo Tensor since it is insulated, whereas my previous mat wasn't insulated... I used this mat on the Laugavegur Trail and have used it on a couple of camps since then and I am enjoying the mat, it is comfy and certainly feels larger than my previous mats due to the rectangular shape which is a treat! Here are some of the specifications -

  • 4.2R rating meaning that it is suitable for winter

  • Pack size of a Nalgene bottle

  • Rectangular shape which gives you more room than a standard mummy shaped mat

  • Weight - 495g


I have actually had two pack changes since my last Gear List... I am sad to say that the Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 that I had wrote about in my last gear list didn't last long before it started to literally come apart at the seams and so I chose to move away from ultralight packs, in a hope that I could find something more robust and more suitable for the harsh environments that I spend time in, in a hope that the pack will last me longer than one season... I initially went with the Osprey Aura AG 65, due to wanting to stick to a similar size pack in terms of litres, however, I eventually then later chose to upgrade once again to the Osprey Eja 48 in an attempt to cut some of the weight out of the pack, whilst still sticking with the robustness of Osprey packs...

Whilst the Osprey is heavier than the Mariposa, it is certainly not felt, Ospreys carry the weight a lot better than the Mariposa did, the Mariposa even cutting into my shoulders at times due to it not properly carrying the weight of the pack...

Here are some of the specifications for the pack -

  • Weight 1250g

  • Internal frame

  • Suspended back system

  • Hipbelt pockets

  • Made with 100% recycled materials

SOS Device

I added this baby, the Garmin Inreach Mini 2, to my kit just before the Cape Wrath Trail, I only wish I had forked out for one sooner rather than dilly dallying around for months as I had done prior to the purchase. I love this little piece of kit, it allows me to keep in contact with my mum and sister when I am in areas of no signal and of course, it allows me to press the SOS button if I ever find myself in danger or need of rescue (I can only pray that I never have to hit the button) but I am grateful for the option, nonetheless! Yes, the device itself is costly and you do also have to commit to a monthly subscription, in addition to the initial outlay, but in my opinion, it is absolutely worth it, this little piece of kit is a lifesaver! Here are the specifications for the Garmin Inreach Mini 2 -

  • Global satellite coverage that keeps you connected when mobile phones cant

  • Ability to send an SOS message in case of emergency

  • Weight 100 grams

  • Digital compass, GPS and tracking

Bum Bag

Osprey Daylite Waist Pack

I love wearing a bumbag, as you have probably noticed! ;) I wore my old pink Eastpak bumbag until it became extremely grubby and sad looking but last year chose to upgrade to the Osprey Daylite, again, wishing to stick with the robust nature of Osprey. I have enjoyed using the Daylite, it is bigger than my previous Eastpak and comes with more compartments. I just find it is easier to have things accessible in my bumbag to save dipping in and out of my main pack all of the time, I generally keep in there - my phone, money, keys, snacks, ibuprofen, tissue and anything else I might need to keep to hand :) Here are some of the specifications for the Daylite -

  • Internal key attachment clip

  • Weight - 208 grams

  • Material - Nylon

  • Zippered stash pocket

  • Zippered sunglasses/ electronics pocket

Hiking Poles

I actually only use and carry one hiking pole, purely down to personal preference, the pole that I am using at the moment is one of the Leki Khumbu Hiking Poles, these replaced my previous Gossamer Gear LT5 Poles, both of which succumbed to the Cape Wrath Trail - one of the poles snapping due to the trails notorious terrain, I then subsequently went on to lose the remaining pole in the mountains of Assynt, also whilst on the trail.... Again, I chose to steer away from ultralight poles after experiencing the Gossamer Gear pole break and so decided to go with the Leki Khumbu Hiking poles since Leki as a brand are known to be pretty robust and also the poles were made of more traditional aluminium, rather than the (expensive) carbon fibre of the Gossamer Gear poles. Here are some of the specs for the Leki Khumbu Hiking poles -

  • Pack size - 71cm

  • Weight (for the pair) - 277 grams

  • Material - Aluminium

  • Locking system - Speed Lock plus

Cook System & Water Filtration

My cook kit is comprised of the following -

  1. MSR Pocket Rocket Stove - I love this little stove, again, it has been with me since the beginning and I cannot fault it only weighing in at 73 grams!

  2. Snow Peak Trek 700 pot - Again, no change here, this pot has been with me since the beginning, weighing in at 136 grams.

  3. Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spork - Once again, no change here. The spork weighs in at 45 grams.

  4. Montbell Thermo 200 Mug - This one was an upgrade :) I was previously using the Sea to Summit Collapsible Mug, however, I really wasn't fond of the fact that it made my coffee taste like rubber and so I chose to upgrade to the Thermo Mug and I am pleased to report that my coffee no longer tastes like rubber :) this mug weighs in at 108 grams.

I was, however, recently gifted the Jetboil Flash by my sister - this is another brilliant piece of kit which I have enjoyed using, I will continue to use both cook systems, leaning more toward the Pocket Rocket for longer trips when pack weight needs to be kept minimal.

There has been no change on the water filter front, in fact, I recently just bought a replacement as I thought I had lost the filter (only to find it days later haha, as you do!). I am still using the Katadyn BeFree Water Filter which I cannot fault :) It has a very fast flow rate and weighs only 100 grams.

Waterproof Jacket & Trousers

ThruDark AIGIS Jacket

I was recently, very kindly, gifted the AIGIS jacket by ThruDark. I first tested the jacket in extremely bad winter weather up in the Highlands over Christmas and I am pleased to report that the jacket did amazingly!!!! There really is no truer test for waterproofs than the weather than can be experienced in the Highlands! Needless to say, this jacket will be my my preferred waterproof for the 2024 season and you will no doubt see me wearing it a lot since I spend a lot of time in Scotland! ;) The jacket is comfy too by the way - if you know me then you know that I prioritise my comfort and this jacket certainly passed that test! Here are the specs of this mighty jacket -

  • Four season, 3 layered jacket

  • Designed to provide all-round protection for alpinism and mountaineering

  • 3L waterproof shell

  • Wind resistant

  • Underarm vents

  • eVent® fabric technology

Waterproof trousers, the most 'meh' of all outdoor clothing items? I think so.... I am not sure I will ever enjoy wearing waterproof trousers - I cant put my finger on why - the annoying sounds they create? The uncomfortable, cumbersome feel? Let's just say I am not a huge fan of any waterproof trousers... That being said, the waterproof trousers that I am wearing at the moment are the Mountain Equipment Zeno Trouser. They are lightweight but effective as far as waterproof trousers go, here are the specifications for the pants -

  • Weight - 230 grams

  • Drylite fabric

  • Low pack size

  • Full length leg zips

Midlayers/ Fleeces

If you know me then you know I love a good fleece - you'll have seen me wearing the beautiful ThruDark PHLANAX fleece (above) lots lately which I adore, it is such a stunning fleece - functional, very good looking and extremely comfortable! Here are the specifications for the fleece -

  • High Loft Polartech fabric

  • High Loft has the greatest warmth to weight ratio of all Polartech fabrics

  • Elasticated cuffs and hems

  • Insignia Patch on each sleeve

  • Thumb loops

  • Made in Portugal

I am still also very much still in love with my Patagonia fleece collection too :) I've no doubt I will use all of my fleeces for many years to come :)


Thru-Dark Charge Trousers & Mountain Equipment Chamois Trouser

Until recently, I had been wearing either a pair of leggings (any old leggings will do!) or the Mountain Equipment Chamois Trousers which I had been enjoying using as a slightly warmer alternative to leggings or that I could wear over leggings in colder climates, however, I was recently gifted the ThruDark Charge Trousers which I wore during my entire time spent hiking in Iceland and have worn them lots since then, these are incredible trousers made of such high quality and feel amazing to wear, here are some of the specifications for the Charge Trousers -

  • Military inspired, cargo-style trousers

  • Constructed using military-grade Utexbel cotton

  • Four way stretch fabric

  • Dyneema knee protection

  • Lots of pocket space for storage

Down Jacket

I always tend to carry a down or insulated jacket, regardless of the weather, I enjoy the comfort that a down jacket brings on an evening or crisp morning at camp... I tend to reach for the above jacket in warmer weather, which isn't in fact down at all, it is the Patagonia Nano Puff Hooded Jacket which is a synthetic insulated jacket, it is a lovely little jacket, incredibly lightweight and packs down super small :) here are the specifications -

  • Warm, windproof, water resistant

  • Made from 100% recycled products

  • Made in a Fair Trade certified factory

  • Weight - 306 grams

And in colder climates, I will still reach for my old Rab Neutrino Pro (below) which is now incredibly battered and characterful to say the least :) I have enjoyed this jacket lots and would consider repurchasing when it completely falls apart ;) Here are the specifications for this jacket -

  • Durable, lightweight, weather resistant

  • 800FP European goose down

  • Weight - 502 grams

  • Adjustable helmet compatible hood

  • Articulated sleeves for mobility

  • 100% recycled outer fabric


Yep, I am still wearing my all timers - the Altra Lone Peaks :) they just suit my feet well and I thoroughly enjoy using them and have done for many years over thousands of miles! Altra very kindly reached out to me last year (the absolute dream!!!) and asked if they could send me a few pairs of shoes!! You can imagine my delight! In addition to a couple of new pairs of Lone Peaks, they also sent me a pair of the Altra Olympus 5 which I then proceeded to wear straight out of the box on the Laugavegur Trail and I quickly fell in love with the Olympus model too! In fact, I've hardly taken them off my feet since receiving them!

Thank you for reading - happy hiking xxx

If you have any questions then please do use the contact form to drop me a line, I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can follow my adventures live over on my Instagram @hiker_heather


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