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About Hiker Heather

Heather is a solo adventurer, currently based in West Yorkshire. Heather discovered the outdoors at a very young age, having being brought up in the Peak District until the age of 11, where she spent most of her time outdoors. The outdoors is where Heather feels the most genuine joy and happiness, where she can truly be herself, it is the place where she feels most accepted, free from pressure and judgement. Heather's connection with Mother Nature goes beyond a simple hobby or even passion, Heather has chosen to dedicate her entire life and being to the outdoors & Mother Nature. Heather is passionate about the benefits that the outdoors has to offer in terms of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, she also believes that all humans inherently require a connection with Mother Nature, which for most people, has been lost in a world of technology, social media and Netflix. 

Heather is particularly drawn to long-distance trails/ thru-hikes and has hiked many of the UK's long distance trails including Cape Wrath Trail, West Highland Way (twice), Great Glen Way, Cumbria Way, Cotswold Way, South Downs Way, Easy Highland Way, in addition to some international trails too! Heather is drawn to the simplicity of life on the trail, spending prolonged periods in nature, living self-sufficiently out of her backpack, allowing her to disconnect completely from society, to escape the humdrum of 'normal life', to find solitude in the most beautiful of places... Heather often undertakes these huge endeavours on a solo basis and hopes to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

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