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Initial Thoughts: Grivel Ran Anti-Slip Micro-Spikes

My initial thoughts on the Grivel Ran Anti-Slip Micro-Spikes

What are micro-spikes?

Micro-spikes (also known as ice cleats, shoe chains, ice spikes) are personal traction devices that have been around for hundreds of years, the first official patent for micro-spikes dates back to 1873 but they had been around for many years prior to this. Micro-spikes are a form of attachable outerwear for sports shoes or boots that are designed for a variety of winter-based sporting activities. The most common use for micro-spikes tends to be in hiking and mountaineering environments, where sure footing is important to avoid injury.

Micro-spikes vs crampons

For most hikers, micro-spikes are an ideal solution for winter adventures, they are versatile, easy to use, often affordable and storage-friendly. Usually composed of chains and spikes, held between a flexible rubber frame, they are compatible with most footwear and so can be used on trail runners in addition to hiking boots. Unless you are tackling some serious summits or glacial terrain then micro-spikes will usually be an excellent option. Crampons are rigid traction devices that are strapped onto a suitable compatible boot, crampons are used for the likes ice climbing and glacier hiking and generally used for more steep and icy terrain when micro-spikes simply won't cut it.

About the Grivel Ran Anti-Slip Micro-Spikes

The Grivel Ran Anti-Slip spikes are designed for winter runners and walkers on non-technical trails and tracks. They provide traction on snow and ice for any sort of footwear. They're also compact and light, making them a great choice for winter backpackers. Unlike other 'micro-spike' traction aids, the Grivel Ran Anti-Slip's have spiked metal plates, which are also articulated. This means they're fully flexible and compatible with any footwear, no matter how bendy. Great for running shoes and approach shoes. Their strong points are: Its ability to adapt itself to different types of shoes, from those for trail running to those for trekking, thanks to the silicone band that requires no adjustment with screws, screwdrivers, or other tools; steel spikes with anti-corrosion treatment; a Velcro band to ensure stability on the foot once fitted. They come with a storage bag too. While these provide good traction on snow and ice they are not intended as alternatives to crampons in the mountains. They are intended for non technical terrain only, where the consequences of a slip would not be serious.


  • Steel front and rear parts ensure grip

  • Small connection chains increase the adherence and reduce snow balling

  • Rubber frame optimises the shoe fit adaptability, reducing the effects of lateral sliding

  • Velcro strap offers stability between device and shoe

  • Material - Steel, Silicone, Webbing, Velcro

  • Weight - 470g (approx)

WARNING - This product is an anti slippery device and is NOT a crampon for alpinism. It is not a PPE.

My initial thoughts

I have owned the mighty Grivel G12 Crampons for some years now, however, I was in the market for some 'micro-spikes/ ice cleats' when I fell upon the Ran Anti-Slip, by the same brand, a brand which I and millions of others have faith in, not only this but I managed to find them at a steal in the Christmas sales at at price of £22.75! The first and only time that I have needed to use these since purchasing them was on my recent hike of Ben Lawers which you can read about here. My initial thoughts are that these awesome little spikes are an excellent piece of kit and extremely functional, so quick and easy to put on, they are compact in their little storage bag that they come in and I am so pleased that I have added these to my kit and wish that I had done sooner, actually! I highly recommend them!

I purchased my pair from The Climbers Shop, however, they have sold out and at the time of writing, there is very little stock about anywhere. They do have them for sale at Adventure Peaks for £30.00.

If you have any questions then please do use the contact form to drop me a line, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can follow my adventures live over on my Instagram @hiker_heather


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